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A Grown-up game of growing. For fun with friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many players does this game take, and at what ages?

The game was originally designed to accommodate a minimum of 2, up to a total of 6, which was determined a comfortable gathering of friends at a table. The digital version will be a replica of the base game, with many additional features that being digital will allow us to add. Age range for this game is officially intended as 18 and up, but I think parents are smart enough to determine that it is just a game, and marijuana is becoming more and more mainstream.

How can I play or test this game if you're not selling it yet?

It is possible that the game can be offered up for test playing using Tabletop  Simulator, available on the Steam platform. Stay tuned for any updates on the status of this. I also am hoping to be out and about at game conventions or dispensaries during the summer in my off hours to promote the game.

Why not use Kickstarter or another crowdfunding site to produce the game?

At this time, Bud Barons is brand new and unknown to the public, so there would not be enough of a following at this time for such a campaign to be successful. For now, I am limiting fundraising to PayPal donations, investors and/or Bud Barons/EscapeGoat Games merchandise that is sold. All of the income from these efforts will be applied meticulously to the project as a whole, although the buttons on the Home page allow donations for the Digital version OR the Tabletop versions specifically, so there is something of a competitive race going on there! In time, we may host a crowdfunding/preorder campaign here on the site.

Do you have any Bud Barons Merchandise for sale?

Yes! The products page still needs a little work, but you can go to: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EscapeGoatGames to see Bud Barons-specific merchandise, as well as other random AI and digital art by Trav!

How easy is it to play this game?​

If you can do basic math, this game is a breeze! It also helps if you don’t mind sabotaging your friends to get an edge and win!

What is the difference between the Digital version and the Tabletop version?

They are both the same basic tabletop game scenario, with cards and counters. The Digital version will allow us to add a friendly character to use as an avatar for each player logged in to play. It will also allow players to accumulate the coins they earn from game to game, and use those coins to buy cosmetic accessories and add-ons for their avatar and play space, for customization. There will also be a text chat function, in place of the Tabletop version’s built in voice chat mode (lol!). While both versions will tentatively get updates and expansions, there will likely be much more of that kind of activity revolving around the digital version.

What are the fundraising targets?

I don’t have solid estimates for the cost of the video game production, as there are parts that I will do myself and parts that will have to be farmed out. Once I have more solid numbers, I will have a tracker of some sort added to the site to make it more exciting. The physical game costs depend on the number of units. The numbers I’m hoping to sell will probably put the preorders goal around 30K minimum. I will add a tracker for this as well, when I have appropriate information.

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