A Grown-up Game
of Growing!

Bud Barons is a tabletop card game about growing pot plants in a race to make the most money. Build your fortune quickly, and watch out for your opponents! Be the first to amass great wealth and leave them struggling in your dust!

INTRODUCING Buddy the Bud (1st Draft)
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Welcome to Bud Barons!

Hi, Everyone! The site is currently under construction. Due to the craziness of the world, this project has been very slow to progress. With this site upgrade, we will attempt to post semi-regular blogs to outline the goals and progress for launching digital and tabletop versions of the game.

Please be sure to see the Products page, which will now include some Bud Barons merchandise! All proceeds will go into the budget for each step of the game development process. I will also include some digital downloads of some fun AI art that is relevant to pot culture, and the development of the game.

I will be attempting to do much of the game development on my own, and hiring out for pieces I just can’t do. See the Blog page for details and updates on the progress!

Bud Barons Digital

In order to get the game out to as many people as possible, we have decided to create a digital version. The plan is to have the game available via Play Store and Steam (Sorry, too early to project a publish date yet!). See the Blog page and/or update emails (if you subscribe/follow) for ongoing status updates!

We will be introducing a character, Buddy the Bud, to star in the game as a Player Avatar, and are accepting donations toward beginning development.

See the Product page for merchandise and AI and original art by the Bud Barons creator, Trav!

Bud Barons Tabletop

Help fund production of Bud Barons for your tabletop! Bud Barons was originally designed for in-person dueling on any available table. Help make that dream come true by pre-ordering your copies today! More details on preorders and subscribing to come…