Bud Barons: The Blog

Hello, and Welcome!

Welcome to the Bud Barons website! I have officially launched EscapeGoat Games, Inc. as the parent company for this, and hopefully many other games and art products to come.

This site is under construction at the moment, waiting to get all of the ecommerce and other buttons up and running. For now, go to: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EscapeGoatGames for merchandise items to help the game to grow! I will be using my own resources for development otherwise, while attempting to produce as much as I can myself.

My current focus is to get a character modeled, textured and animated for use in the video game and marketing efforts, then on to video game development. More goals will be announced in time, as I navigate the treacherous path of independent game development.

If I can get a decent number of followers for Bud Barons on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, we may launch a crowdfunding campaign for either the digital version or the physical version, or BOTH, as popularity dictates.

Be on the lookout for instructional videos and/or gameplay of the tabletop version of the game!